• Bee beautiful this season »

    May 18, 2016- 10:49am

    I became a beekeeper a couple of years ago. Although we call ourselves “beekeepers,” we are truly bee stewards. The bees do all

  • Exploring Inner Light Yoga »

    May 11, 2016- 12:40pm

    Cedar Centre for Active Heath & Living and Jade Burgess announce Inner Light Yoga workshops in May for those looking to have a

  • How to maintain mental focus »

    May 11, 2016- 12:38pm

    The technological advancements made in the 21st century have undoubtedly made life easier in many ways, but this golden age of gadgets has

  • A Barefoot Venus bath »

    May 11, 2016- 12:39pm

    Our store smells amazing. We hear that quite often; it’s not overwhelming or perfume-like, just fresh and clean as you walk in the

  • Be secure this travel season »

    May 11, 2016- 12:37pm

    The seal has been broken. I have happily slipped on my favourite pair of sandals, my feet are footloose and fancy free, and

  • Mix it up with Rosti Mepal »

    May 4, 2016- 3:22pm

    How many bowl designs are named after a queen? I suspect there are few. The traditional Rosti mixing bowl is known as a

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